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Are You Ready To Be Your Own BOSS?

Hi, I’m Leonda Adeko. I help entrepreneurs breakdown the barriers to business ownership by means of my startup business launch system that will have you ready to accept your first paying customer in just 14 days.

Do you have a side hustle that you would like to turn into a real business but are unsure where to start? If so, you have come to the right place. Let me help you!

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Finding Your WHY

So, let’s start with the first, most crucial, step and that is “finding your WHY.” Before you begin on this path of starting your own business and becoming your own boss you first need to know the reason WHY you want to do it. Doing it just to make money is not enough of a reason. Yes, of course we all want to make money but what is your motivating  factor?  Once you understand what your WHY is your objectives and direction for your business become clearer and it gets easier. 
I will share with you what my WHY is first.  I started my entrepreneurial journey because I wanted to have the freedom and flexibility to live my life the way I wanted. Read more about my WHY by clicking the button below. 

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If you are ready to take action and become your own boss....

Let's Get Started

To know the crucial steps to take BEFORE you get started check out my articles


So, what's next? I know there are a lot of questions on your mind right now. Don't worry, I am here to guide you. Select an option below indicating where you are now on your journey to becoming your own boss.


Let Me Help You

You have a great business idea and are ready to make it a reality but there are just too many moving pieces and you feel overwhelmed.  A solution is here! My Startup Business Launch Kit was designed to make business setup a breeze and I can get it all done for you in 14 days with 9 easy steps! No more procrastinating! Let's get down to business. Check out what you get with the Startup Business Launch Kit
Business Structure Registration 
Step 1 

I will register your business as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or non-profit within your state

Step 2 

I will register your business with the IRS to get your tax ID for you to use in connection with all business activities

Federal Tax ID Setup 
Business Email Setup 
Step 3 

Your business email address will include your company name within it such as

Business Phone Line Setup 
Step 4 

You will receive a new local or toll free phone number to receive all your business calls and voicemails

Step 5 

I will develop an icon, text or initial based logo design custom-tailored to your business and niche

Logo Design 
Website Design 
Step 6 

Get a professional-looking website with your branding where you can also accept online payments

Credit Card Processing Set Up 
Step 7 

You will have an online credit card processing system that will accept all the major credit cards

Step 8 

You will have a robust system to track visitors, customers, send invoices, email campaigns and more

Customer Managment System 
Professional Business Cards 
Step 9 

You will get 50 professionally designed business cards with your name, business, logo, website, email and phone number

You can get started today for only $449 and pay remaining balance in 30 days

Let's Talk (404) 682-3069

Website Templates

Check out our stunning website design templates to choose from

So, how does it all work?

The Startup Business Launch Kit was created to give you a jumpstart on your business. The launch kit provides you with a fully functioning legal business entity.  You will get your own personal account manager that will take you through all of the 9 steps of our business setup process and this entire process will be completed within 14 days.  You will have access to our project management system where you will track and monitor your progress to business ownership.  

Pay $449

Complete the online form and pay $449 deposit to get started. Remaining balance of $449 is not due until 30 days later. You can get one, additional 14 day extension if needed

Avaza Access

Set up your account with our online project management system Avaza to track progress, answer questions and collaborate w/your personal account manager

Approve Designs

Collaborate with your personal account manager with the design of your website and business cards. Upon final approval, you will receive your final invoice


At the end of 14 days, you will have access to all of your business information, website and will receive your business cards in the mail. Market your business to the world!

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My Trusted Resources

Her are just some of my tools I strongly recommend for building and/or running your business. These resources listed here are crucial to running my business (or were crucial to developing my business to where it is today.

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Instantly track and organize expenses, send invoices and file your business taxes all inside the software. Makes financial tracking easy

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